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  • February 27 2013

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    Master Gardener Program Barred from Offering Free Pot Growing Advice

    The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado has created a whole host of issues that previously never had to be addressed by those states' governments. One such concern is whether a free, state-sanctioned program called “master gardeners” can be used to help folks learn to cultivate cannabis.   Master gardener programs are run through state universities and made up of unpaid volunteers. The purpose of the program is to impart free agricultural and …More
  • February 27 2013

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    Majority of Californians Want to End Marijuana Prohibition

    According to a California Field Poll released on Wednesday, the majority of Golden State voters are in favor of legalizing and regulating marijuana like alcohol for recreational use.  The Sacramento Bee expounded on the poll, which also stated that an even larger percentage of those polled oppose the federal crackdown on medical marijuana businesses. This sentiment was similar across party lines.


    Richard Lee

    Marijuana reform activists were optimistic after learning of the results. Richard Lee, the chief proponent of Proposition 19, the ballot measure that attempted to make marijuana legal for adults in California in 2010, told the Bee:

    “I think it shows that [marijuana legalization and regulation is] going to win in 2016, and it’s just a matter of writing the best law that we can.”

  • February 27 2013

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    cheechandchong: tommychong: Gonna podcast today….got lots to say…hope I remember….tc

    cheechandchong: tommychong: Gonna podcast lots to say...hope I