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  • September 16 2013

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    Glass Artist of the Month: Alexis Breyer

    AlexisBreyerstarted Mama’s Glass, a name coined by her daughter who accompanied Alexis as she made her pipe deliveries: “This is my mama’s glass!” The name stuck!

  • September 16 2013

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    Vermont Health Commissioner Talks Regulation


    Commissioner Harry Chen

    Last week brought new hope for making marijuana legal in Vermont, a state that just decriminalized marijuana possession this past summer. Harry Chen, Vermont’s Health Commissioner, indicated support for taxing and regulating marijuana at the end of the week:

    Let’s see what happens in other states. We have a grand experiment going on in Washington state and Colorado, certainly in my discussions with officials around the country we want to see what happens in these states when you start to regulate it.

    We want to ensure there’s appropriate funding for any dealing with the health effects just like we theoretically have liquor taxes and we do devote some of that money to dealing with the health effects of alcohol. [MPP emphasis added]

    Chen’s comments come after Gov. Shumlin (D) said he was open to the idea of marijuana legalization last Wednesday. 

    Just last Monday, MPP predicted Vermont to be one of the next 10 states to legalize marijuana use and pledged to support efforts in those states to end marijuana prohibition by 2017.

  • September 16 2013

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    Police Arrested Almost 750,000 Pot Consumers, Sellers and Growers in 2012

    The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2012 is in. Once again, police arrested almost 750,000 marijuana consumers, sellers and growers, despite the passage of legalization in two states, decriminalization in 15 states, and medical marijuana in 20 states.