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  • November 28 2015

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    Give, Get and Grateful

    Join NORML

    America’s oldest and largest marijuana law reform group turns 45 years old this month, and there is much to be grateful for in the way of substantive, sustained and forward-looking marijuana law reforms in America.

    NORML is over-the-moon grateful to a loyal base of cannabis consumers, patients, ganjapreneurs and civil liberty-minded citizens to see the organization through to this day, when, 4 states have legalized marijuana (the nation’s capital, District of Columbia, has de-penalized possession and personal cultivation), 15 states (and dozens of cities) have decriminalized possession, 36 states and District of Columbia have medical access for cannabis-related products and a few states (example: Kentucky) are for the first time since World War II legally cultivating industrial hemp.

    Join NORML - Vaporizer

    Much more marijuana legalization is on the near horizon in 2016 in over a half dozen states!

    To both celebrate these long-sought socio-political changes in law and to keep NORML’s reform efforts rolling along into the new year, please consider making a donation of $50 or more to the organization, in return, we’ll send you a cool vape pen that have very kindly been provided to NORML by VapeWorld.

    These vape pens are only going to be available through an online donation to NORML for one week–so please don’t procrastinate or space as these are unique donor premiums.

    Again, many thanks to supportive companies like VapeWorld and NORML’s broad and colorful array of individual supporters for empowering the organization for over five decades to help end cannabis prohibition once and for all in America (and around the world).

    Join Us. It's Time. NORML

  • November 27 2015

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    8 Holiday Gifts for the Dabber in Your Life

    Now that the holidays are here, many people are left with the issue of finding the right gift for their cannabis-loving loved one. For those that know next-to-nothing about concentrates, finding something suitable to wrap up and give to them can really become a headache. ...

  • November 27 2015

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    10 Best Times to Get High

    Everybody knows that the best time to get high is all the time, butthere arecertain times when lighting up is a little more pleasurable than others. When you’re really sick or already too high, it’s best to lay off the pipe, but waking up, showerin...