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  • January 30 2013

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    MPP’s 2013 Strategic Plan

    2013 Strategic PlanMy latest piece on the Huffington Post provides a summary of what MPP has in store for 2013. In particular, it lays out our general plans to change marijuana laws in states around the country and at the federal level, and it describes how we plan to continue building public support for future reform efforts.

    Unless people have been hiding under a rock this past couple months, they know that more than 55 percent of voters in Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana on November 6. As a result, many people have grand expectations of how we’re going to get closer to ending marijuana prohibition in the U.S. this year.

    Here is what I think we can reasonably accomplish by the end of 2013…

    Check out the column at the Huffington Post to get the details, or you can find out more here on our website.

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