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  • June 14 2013

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    Nevada Governor Approves Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    Medical marijuana patients in Nevada will finally have legal access to their medicine.


    Gov. Brian Sandoval

    On Wednesday, 13 years after Nevada voters approved the medical use of marijuana, Gov. Brian Sandoval signed SB 374 into law. The bill establishes the regulatory framework for medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, thereby putting an end to patients’ decade-long struggle to obtain their medicine safely. The bill will also allow patients to continue growing their own plants (and increases the number they may possess) until 2016.

    The law allows the state to license up to 66 dispensaries throughout the state, distributed according to population density.

    Additionally, the state will impose medical marijuana-specific taxes, of which 75% will fund education and 25% will be spent on implementing and enforcing the regulations.

    The governor’s approval of the bill was sparked by Judge Donald Mosley’s critique last year of the state’s medical marijuana law. Mosley declared the existing law “unconstitutional” for failing to provide patients with the legal means to obtain their medicine.

    Nevada is now the 14th state to allow medical marijuana dispensaries.

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