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  • May 9 2012

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    NORML SHOW LIVE #905 – Cheerio to the New NORML UK

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    Hemp Headlines

    Brought to you by Cannabis Fantastic

    1. Charlotte, VA city council adopts NORML activists’ marijuana ordinance
    2. Connecticut to become the 17th medical marijuana state
    3. Montana Cannabis Industries Association needs donations to continue lawsuit

    Daily Toker Tunes

    Electric Tuesday: Brought to you by “Radical” Russ

    • Bum Lucky performs at Cinco de Mota

    Grassroots Activism

    • CBS 11 (Dallas) coverage of Cinco de Mota
    • DFW NORML Exec Dir Shaun McAlister at Cinco de Mota
    • NORML Legal Committee’s John Lucy at Portland Marijuana March
    • Moms 4 Marijuana’s Serra Frank at Portland Marijuana March
    • “Radical” Russ speech at Cinco de Mota

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