I bought the VIP Upgrade online how do I receive it?

Go to the Venue box office – There will be a VIP Upgrade representative to check you in 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to the show (Showtimes Vary CHECK YOUR TICKET) this is where you will pick up your items and get instructions to be taken to the photo-op

Make sure you are on time!

The Step and Repeat/Photo-op portion of the Upgrade will take place one hour prior to the show and will take place on time.

A professional photographer will take all of the photos and upload them to www.cheechandchong.com

You will receive instructions after the photo-op on how to collect your photos, it will take approximately 24-48 hours for them to be uploaded to the website.

Can I toke out with Cheech and Tommy in the Photo?

There is NO SMOKING allowed in the venues.

How do I receive the items included with the upgrade? (the poster, tote and laminate)

You will receive them when you check in, prior to the photo-op, you will need the laminate to participate in the photo-op.

Can I bring items like records or posters from home to this Upgrade and have them signed during the photo op?

The upgrade includes a unique poster with an authentic autograph you will receive this when you check in.

This VIP experience takes place prior to the show and will take place on schedule. Cheech and Chong will not be signing during the photo-op, please do NOT bring additional items for autographs.

Can I bring gifts to give to Cheech and Chong?

You may bring gifts for Cheech and Chong but you may not hand them to them during the Photo-Op there will be a staff member nearby that can collect the gift and ensure Cheech and Tommy receive them.

My plans have changed and I cannot attend the show am I eligible for a refund? Can I give my Upgrade to a friend?

This upgrade is limited to 40 people per show. Please carefully consider your availability to attend. There will be no refunds.

If you want to change the name(s) on the Upgrade please fill out the form below and someone will contact you to arrange the transfer.

I purchased a t-shirt with my ticket when will I receive it?

We will stop taking orders for the T-shirt upgrade on July 15th and ship them two weeks later, everyone should receive their shirt prior to August 15th.

My shirt is not the size I need how do I exchange it?

Fill in the form below and someone will contact you to arrange an exchange.

If you were not able to find the answer to your question in our FAQ, please complete the form below.