The Judge’s Water
- "It’s Fuckin’ Vodka, Man!"

The Ultra-Premium Vodka That Might Be More Fun Empty…

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A first if its kind, fool-proof DIY kit to turn this cool glass bottle into your new best friend... Oh yeah, & the vodka inside the bottle is really, REALLY good.

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What’s In The Box:

  • 750ml of The Judge’s Water ultra-premium vodka, housed in a high quality, mallet-style glass bottle
  • Collector’s Edition"The Judge’s Water" BIC Lighter
  • Glass-Cutting Drill Bit & Drilling Guide
  • Glass Slide
  • Liquid-Tight Rubber Seal

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We’ve had a lot of crazy ideas over the years, but this one’s probably our favorite.

It’s like fulfilling a childhood dream, man… Who hasn’t looked at a sweet bottle and thought “I bet I could smoke out of that”?

So what started as just a “high-dea” has been brought to life through The Judge’s WaterTM Ultra Premium Vodka.

Like the label says, “It’s Fuckin’ Vodka, Man!” and it’s good Vodka too… (details below). But even’ after it’s gone, the bottle is the gift that keeps on giving.

Hey, it’s "cool" for companies to "go green," these
days, but we’ve been green our whole lives.

We got the mugshots to prove it.

So, what’s greener than green, man? Well, let’s not just recycle… That’s boring.

Let’s take something most people throw out… (unless you’re in a frat) and turn it into
something you wanna keep and use forever.

So let’s raise a glass...

  • To Friends
  • To Family
  • To Good times
  • To all the old, dead hypocrites who used to look down their noses at us while hiding their own vices….

And when all the glasses have been raised… (And once you’re sober again) Let’s break out the power tool and turn this bottle into a party.

It’s the best of both those worlds with just one bottle..

That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate luxury party-package for you to both get the party started, and keep it going.




Hey, this might be a collector's item, but that doesn't mean we filled
the bottle with just any old vodka.

This ain’t the firewater your parents served at thanksgiving when your loser uncle came over.

It’s probably the best vodka we’ve ever had (and this ain’t our first rodeo…).

See, "Good" vodka is triple distilled for a smooth, clean taste.

But The Judge’s WaterTM puts those to shame. The master distiller who crafts our vodka uses a continuous distillation method.

Meaning that The Judge’s Water™ is the equivalent to SIX times distilled, for some of the smoothest, most luxurious vodka on the planet.

But don’t just take our word for it- this vodka won a Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. (The HIGHEST award possible.)

Naturally gluten-free, "The Judge’s Water" is California-made corn grain vodka,
giving it a full-bodied, soft, and borderline sweet taste.

Trust us, it’s gonna be the best vodka you’ve ever had.



Say hello to your new favorite piece of glassware.


Our bottle is made in the traditional Mallet style.

The design goes back over 300 years, to when only royalty drank their wine and spirits from these elegant glass bottles.

But when the bottle is empty, there’s nothing “traditional” about it.

Five minutes with the included diamond-tipped glass cutting bit, and your bottle will go from Voltaire to Freebird.

This set comes with everything you need (other than safety glasses and a drill) to complete your favorite “upcycle” project EVER. (Ask your wife if she’s ever seen anything THIS cool on Pinterest™…)


And hey, this project is so easy, even WE did it without any help…(Okay, maybe a little help…)

Just make sure you’re sober before breaking out the power tools.

Once you've got it put together, this piece should last a lifetime…But definitely clean it before then, cause we know how easy it is to forget.



Sure, The Judge's Water™ is a treasure for any true vodka lover, and the bottle is every stoner's
dream… But for us, this project is more than just a cool concept.

With over half a century advocating for the green, and a couple of mugshots to show for it, we've seen firsthand the sting of outdated drug laws.

As we speak, millions of Americans are locked up in states where Marijuana is LEGAL for non-violent drug offenses. All because of the backwards drug laws we've had in this country for decades.

That just doesn’t sit right with us, man. It's a harsh reality we want to help change.

That’s why a portion of all proceeds from The Judge’s Water™ are going to support The Last Prisoner Project.

The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. Their mission? To ensure that every last cannabis prisoner is released, & to help reintegrate them back into society. You can learn more about their awesome work here.

The Judge’s Water™ is all about great booze, good bud, and giving back.
Together with The Last Prisoner Project, each bottle is a toast to freedom and a step towards justice.



When you ORDER YOURS The Judge’s Water™ today, you’ll also get:


Exclusive Digital Art


One of the coolest parts of this entire collection is the artwork. Inspired by the iconic movie scene, our amazing designer has created three different digital wallpapers so you can show off this incredible artwork on any digital device.


Collector’s Edition
Cheech & Chong Grinder

The Judge’s Water™ Premium Vodka comes with everything you need to party…except one
thing. (Well, and the other thing…)

But the one thing we knew would add to the total experience was a high-quality grinder, for you know, spices and such..

With your ORDER YOURS, we will also send you a limited-edition The Judge’s Water premium grinder. (The grinder will be mailed separately, as there’s no space in the limited edition collector’s box)


These one-of-a-kind grinders will never be sold to the public for any reason. The only way to own one is to be the proud owner of a limited edition The Judge’s Water Premium Vodka Bottle.


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