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The Kosmic Chew

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You’ve been high, but have you been deep?

Cheech & Chong’s Kosmic Chews are something completely new to the scene. Made with all-natural kratom and Delta-9 THC, these gummies will give you a chance to experience a high that goes deeper.

Specially crafted for those with a sense of adventure, Kosmic Chews let you turn off the noise and dive into your own inner cosmos.

Feel the full-body relaxation that leads to unparalleled mental calm and physical comfort. Once you give Kosmic Chews a try, you’ll wonder how you ever went without them.

star12,235 Verified Customer Reviews

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Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

What To Expect
When You’re
To Get High

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Step 1

Take one Kosmic Chew whenever you want to take a trip to the next dimension– or when you won’t be operating machinery or driving your car. You do NOT want to experience a new realm of existence in a Target parking lot…

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Step 2

We know you came here for the REAL deal, but since everyone’s tolerance to kratom and THC is different, we suggest starting with one chew and walking away to wait at least 2 hours to see how you feel before taking another.

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Step 3

Then relax, and get ready to feel a brand new type of high.

star12,235 Verified Customer Reviews

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Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Everything You Want
To Know
About Kratom*

*But were afraid to ask...

How do Kosmic Chews taste?

Not great!

Between you and me, Kratom extract has a STRONG flavor that is hard to hide... (Unless we wanted to use enough sugar to rot your teeth while trying to expand your mind, man...)

Our lawyer is VERY clear that we cannot call this product "medicine". Apparently, that's super agains the rules.

But it sure does taste like medicine.

The good news is that the taste only lasts for a minute or two (even less if you wash it down with a little OJ...) But the feeling you get from Kosmic Chews is gonna last for a few hours.

We think the trade off is more than worth it.

Kosmic Chews are guaranteed to give you an experience you've never felt before. It's really unlike anything else we've ever tried.

And in all honesty, it's gonna taste like something you've never tried before too!

Why THC and Kratom?
What Is Kratom?
So, Do Kratom And THC Do The Same Thing?
Wait, Is This Even Legal?

star12,235 Verified Customer Reviews

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Lifetime Money Back Guarantee


Direct To Your Doorstep Ditch The Dispensary


Kosmic Chews Come Direct To Your Doorstep

It might be time to sever ties with the middleman and break up with your dispensary, man.

We get it, they’ve served you well, and it might feel weird at first…

But with Kosmic Chews, you can get the same potency THC edibles, plus the unique effects of kratom, but without the hassle and shipped straight to your door.

No lines, no cards, no nonsense. Just high-grade edibles landing at your doorstep at warp speed.

Our Guarantee
Will NEVER Go Up
In Smoke

They say the only 2 things that are guaranteed in life are death and
taxes. Well now you can add a 3rd thing to that list.

Every product purchased from Cheech and Chong is backed by our
no-questions asked, lifetime money-back guarantee.

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No seriously, we mean it.

100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee.

And that’s YOUR lifetime, not ours – in case we punch out early.

star12,235 Verified Customer Reviews

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Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

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Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

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When you choose your best package and complete your order today, our team will prepare and ship your
order right away via USPS Priority Mail… and send you a tracking number via email.

So you can breathe easy knowing that better days are on their way!

We Know You’re Smart Enough To Know This, But California Requires Us To Say It…

First, please DO NOT take our delta-9 Space Chews if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. As THC is one chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Second, Space Chews contain real THC, so please DO NOT take them if you’re drug tested for your job or to maintain government benefits. Per a CDC study in 1983, 80-90% of the total dose of delta-9 THC left participants’ systems five days to a full week after use. Of course, every individual is different, and this study did not use Cheech & Chong products during the study.

If neither of those apply to you, then we can’t wait for you to take your first ride with Cheech & Chong’s SpaceChews!


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