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If You're in Minnesota, There's a High&Dry Near You!

Check the map below for the location nearest you that carries Cheech & Chong’s High & Dry, The Seltzer With a Different Buzz!

      High & Dry is Your Gateway to a Good Time.

      Float away on cloud nine while your stress goes up in smoke…

      Packed with 5 mg of THC, each can delivers the perfect dose of good vibes.

      We keep it simple with just three ingredients, because we believe in letting the THC shine. 

      No unnecessary additives or fillers, just pure cannabis magic in every sip. 

      It’s the ultimate way to elevate your drinking game and experience a different kind of buzz.

      Six cans of "High & Dry THC Seltzer" in a diagonal row, featuring colorful labels with a retro design, containing different flavors like raspberry highball.

      Four Flavors - 1 Destination

      A vibrant yellow aluminum can of "High & Dry THC Seltzer," featuring colorful, psychedelic graphics and text noting it contains hemp-derived THC.

      Magic Mule

      If ginger and lime had a funky baby, it would be our Magic Mule. A euphoric upgrade from its namesake that will have you riding high.

      Citrus Sunrise

      Wake up your tastebuds with Citrus Sunrise- a delicious blend of blood orange and key lime that’s basically a beach party in a can!

      A colorful can of High & Dry THC Seltzer in the Cheech & Chong's Citrus Sunrise variety, featuring vibrant yellow and red graphics with psychedelic-style text. It contains 10 mg
      A can of High & Dry THC Seltzer, featuring vibrant yellow, pink, and teal graphics with bold typography. It's labeled as THC-infused and non-alcoholic.

      Raspberry Highball

      Reach new heights with the fizzy fusion of ripe raspberries and sparkling seltzer that will have you floating on cloud nine!

      Grapefruit Twist

      Get twisted with Grapefruit Twist. A sunny burst of citrusy goodness, infused with Cheech & Chong’s magic touch.

      A brightly colored can of High & Dry THC Seltzer grapefruit twist, labeled as non-alcoholic, with a retro design and the tagline "seltzer with a different buzz!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      100%! We’re so sure, we’d bet our name on it. Look, we’re all about staying on the right side of the law, so we’ve made sure our THC-infused seltzer meets all the necessary legal requirements. That means you can enjoy the ride without any worries. Plus, Tommy doesn’t feel like going back behind bars again, so you can rest assured it’s A-OK for you to both buy and drink.

      The number of cans you can drink really depends on your tolerance and how far you want to ride the cosmic wave. We recommend everyone start low and go slow! This way, you can feel the vibe and go at your own pace. 

      The timing varies from person to person, of course… But it should start to hit anywhere from 10-30 minutes in.

      Give it some time, chill out, and soon enough, you’ll feel that groovy buzz wash over you like a wave of laughter.


      But for real, High & Dry is the real deal, not some funky concoction we found in the back of the van…

      We’ve crafted a blend that combines the refreshing essence of seltzer with the mind-altering powers of THC. It’s the best of both worlds, no bong water involved!


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