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High & Dry THC Infused Seltzer Water

High & Dry
THC Infused Seltzer Water

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High & Dry THC Infused Seltzer Water

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    Your gateway to a good time. Watch your stress go up in smoke…

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    Each can delivers 5 mg of D-9 THC, the perfect hit of good vibes.

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    No additives or fillers. Just 3 simple ingredients, with pure THC magic in every sip.

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    Elevate your drink and experience a different kind of buzz.

Select Your Flavor

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    Mule 4pk (Out of Stock)

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    Twist 4pk

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    Highball 4pk

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    Sunrise 4pk

  • Variety Pack (1 of Each) (Out of Stock)

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Explore All Four of
Our Flavors

Flavor 1

Magic Mule magic mule icn

If ginger and lime had a funky baby, it would be our Magic Mule. A euphoric upgrade from its namesake that will have you riding high.

magic mule btl

Flavor 2

Grapefruit Twist grapefruit icn

Get twisted with Grapefruit Twist. A sunny burst of citrusy goodness, infused with Cheech & Chong's magic touch.

grapefruit btl

Flavor 3

Raspberry Highball rashberry icn

Reach new heights with the fizzy fusion of ripe raspberries and sparkling seltzer that will have you floating on cloud nine!

rashberry btl

Flavor 4

Citrus Sunrise citrus icn

Wake up your tastebuds with Citrus Sunrise- a delicious blend of blood orange and key lime that’s basically a beach party in a can!

citrus btl
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We’ve Been Waiting 50 Years To Party Like This…

  • Federally Legal
  • ZERO Calories
  • 0% Alcohol
  • Hangover-Free
  • Premium, Local Hemp
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, THC? You sure these are legal, man?

100%! We’re so sure, we’d bet our name on it. Look, we’re all about staying on the right side of the law, so we've made sure our THC-infused seltzer meets all the necessary legal requirements. That means you can enjoy the ride without any worries. Plus, Tommy doesn’t feel like going back behind bars again, so you can rest assured it’s A-OK for you to both buy and drink.

How many can I drink?
How long till it kicks in?
Is this really seltzer water, or just Cheech & Chong’s bong water?

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THC Infused Seltzer Water

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