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Ready for a little D-I-High?

Empty the bottle completely.

We suggest drinking The Judge’s WaterTM… 

But hey, we’re not here to tell you how to live your life…

Put on some eye protection.


This is a glass bottle. You’re about to cut into it with a power drill. We really shouldn’t have to spell this part out, but our lawyer insists.

Rinse the bottle thoroughly with (real) water

Make sure you clean out the bottle completely before beginning your conversion. 

Place the adhesive drill guide on the bottle.

We suggest 1.5-2″ above the bottom of the bottle. Choose a spot that is not covered by the beautiful metallic embossed label. We worked hard on that, man!

Lubricate the drill bit and bottle surface with water.

This helps cool the bit and cut down on glass dust. 

Place the bit in the chuck of your drill, line the bit up with the guide and drill (sloooowly)

Listen man, it’s not a race. 

Pressing super hard trying to make it go faster is just going to lead to broken glass and shattered dreams. Let the drill do the work. That’s what it’s for. 

Once the hole is drilled clean the bottle with clean water (thoroughly!)

Hey… You know what’s No fun? 

Smoking ground up glass dust because you decided to get cute and skip a step.

Seriously, rinse the bottle again. 

Place the included seal on your downstem and insert it into the hole.

Yep, just like prom night, put the rubber on first.

Once the stem is in, fill the bottle with clean water to ensure a tight seal. (Also like prom night actually… Don’t ask.)

Pack the bowl with your favorite dried herbs and enjoy!

Maybe a nice smoked paprika…

Or some lovely oregano. You know.. have fun with it!

Speaking of… Have you claimed your free The Judge’s WaterTM grinder yet?

If you haven’t, click the button below to fill out a short form so we can send you your free grinder.

DISCLAIMER: The accessories in this collectors box are strictly for novelty purposes or tobacco use only and not intended to be used for purposes which are not permissible under the laws where you live. Converting a glass bottle into a water pipe is a DIY project that involves drilling into glass, which can be potentially dangerous. By choosing to convert your bottle into a water pipe, you confirm that doing so is permissible under your local laws and you agree to assume the risk of any injury or harm to yourself or to property, including to your Judge’s Water bottle. We are not responsible or liable for your use or conversion of this product. Please wear appropriate eye protection and be sure to thoroughly clean the bottle of any debris or alcohol before use.


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