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Everything You Need To Know About CBD For Dogs

Every devoted pet parent understands the boundless love they have for their cherished fur baby. And when it comes to selecting a CBD for dogs, nothing but the best will do. But what factors contribute to finding the ideal CBD remedy for your four-legged friend? Fortunately, all it takes is a sprinkle of insight into your precious pup and a dash of expertise, and we’re here to lend a helping paw.

Let’s delve into the argument: why should you consider CBD for dogs? The world of over-the-counter medications for dogs is not as abundant. Imagine if, whenever you experienced a headache or a minor ailment, you were forced to choose between neglecting it or seeking a doctor’s appointment for prescription medicine. This is the perplexing dilemma that many pet owners find themselves in. So, what’s a devoted pet owner to do when their furry friend suffers from moderate separation anxiety, not quite warranting a trip to the vet for doggy Xanax? Or when their adorable puppo slightly scrapes his paw pads just before the weekend, likely to heal by the time you can secure a veterinary appointment? CBD for dogs presents itself as a remarkable option, with its diverse range of applications that bridge the gap between inaction and the intervention of pharmaceutical-grade solutions.

In the broader scope, CBD for dogs has displayed promising potential in soothing stiffness and minor discomfort, including those induced by situational stressors. Picture the scene when those mischievous neighborhood kids incessantly ring your doorbell on Halloween or when the sky bursts with fireworks on the Fourth of July. CBD for dogs might just be the key to helping your pup find serenity amidst the chaos. Motion sickness often plagues our beloved pets, leaving us no choice but to clean up doggy vomit from the backseat. Enter CBD for dogs as the perfect antidote for carsick companions. Simply administer a dose of CBD to your pup fifteen minutes prior to hitting the road again. Moreover, CBD for dogs boasts the added advantage of stimulating appetite in some pets. It serves as a gentle, nurturing option for our furry friends who have reached a certain age and find themselves taking a tad longer to hop in and out of the car.

Now that we comprehend the “why,” let’s embark on exploring which formulas are best suited for our faithful canine comrades.

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The THC Dilemma: To CBD or Not to CBD

One crucial consideration is whether to opt for a CBD formulation that contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the somewhat notorious compound responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects. In full-spectrum formulations, the THC content is minimal, accounting for less than a third of a percent. However, it’s important to note that THC is toxic to our furry friends. An excess of THC in their systems can result in ataxia, evident through impaired coordination, excessive drooling, and labored breathing. Now, you might wonder why anyone would even consider using a formulation with THC for their beloved dog when the risks are so severe. Despite the risks, THC does possess pain-controlling properties. Some individuals prefer cautiously balancing their pup’s dosage in exchange for potential pain relief. Others lean towards more natural formulations or seek to leverage the benefits of the “entourage effect,” which suggests that nature’s original combination of organic compounds may be more potent collectively than individually. As a general recommendation, we advises using broad-spectrum or isolate formulations, which exclude THC, to prioritize your pup’s safety.

The Power of Isolation

So, what are the advantages of utilizing an isolate? Isolates tend to be favored by individuals, or pups, who require high doses of CBD on a consistent basis. Moreover, isolates often offer a slightly more budget-friendly option. While CBD already exhibits remarkably minimal side effects, the threshold for experiencing those side effects tends to be slightly higher with isolates.

Each adorable pup has a unique tolerance when it comes to taking supplements. Some will eagerly lick the tincture right from their owner’s hand, while others will sniff out the hidden pill amidst a mountain of peanut butter, only to spit it out with defiance.

Typically, tinctures serve as the more budget-friendly option, making them a popular starting point for most pet owners. Some dogs have no qualms about the taste and happily lap it up, driven by their innate curiosity. Others require a tincture infused with delectable coconut oil or salmon oil to entice their taste buds. Even if they’re not enticed by the plain flavor, tinctures can be effortlessly mixed with other foods. A few drops atop their evening kibble work like a charm, as long as it’s consumed promptly. Owners can also blend the tincture with wet or dry treats, while peanut butter stands as an easy go-to option.

Liquids can also be applied sublingually, directly absorbed through the mouth’s mucosal membranes. If your furry friend allows toothbrushing, they’ll likely permit you to apply the liquid along their gum line or under their tongue. This absorption method boasts both speed and efficacy. It’s also possible to utilize this method with soft gels—simply puncture the soft gel with scissors, and voila! You have a tiny, premeasured dose of the tincture. Hide the soft gels in treats or wrap them in a delightful cheese package.

A Tropical Oasis

But we all know some dogs possess an uncanny talent for spitting out anything that isn’t food. For those clever canines, topicals come to the rescue. This option also proves excellent for our feline friends, known for their discerning palates. CBD activates the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), present throughout the mammalian body. Therefore, when you apply CBD topically to the skin, it activates the ECS enzymes, even in their digestive system, brains, and beyond.

This is a brilliant hack for pet parents whose beloved companions resist the easy route of taking supplements. Treat your pup or kitty to a soothing rubdown with a CBD-infused lotion. If they attempt to lick it off after you’re finished, no harm will be done. However, try applying the lotion on the inside of their ears. The absorption rate through the ears matches that of the skin, and it adds an extra layer of entertainment as you watch them futilely attempt to remove it.

The Path to Reliable Sources

So, now that you have an idea about the ideal formula and application method to try, how can you find a trustworthy seller of top-notch CBD for dogs products? Any reputable CBD for dogs company worth its salt won’t expect you to blindly trust that their product lives up to its claims. A good CBD for dogs company will collaborate with an independent third-party lab to conduct rigorous testing on their products, analyzing potency, residual solvents, and pesticides. Don’t hesitate to inquire whether a company offers a certificate of analysis for their products and how you can access it.

Potency – It’s not enough to be told, “try our high-quality CBD for dogs.” What truly matters is a product that comes with a certificate of analysis, guaranteeing the specific amounts of CBD for dogs and, in the case of full and broad-spectrum products, terpenes. CBD for dogs isn’t the sole beneficial compound found in industrial hemp. There are other cannabinoids like cannabigerol, cannabinol, and cannabidiolic acid that contribute to CBD’s remarkable benefits. A comprehensive test will outline the levels of major cannabinoids, such as CBD, and perhaps even highlight the prominent terpenes. Terpenes are diverse plant compounds that offer antibacterial properties and provide the distinctive taste and aroma. You might have come across terpenes in relation to essential oils. A reliable certificate of analysis will provide insight into the terpene profile present in your chosen product.

Residual solvents – Die-hard CBD for dogs enthusiasts may engage in debates about the most effective extraction methods to obtain CBD molecules from the plant. This process is known as extraction and can involve the use of potent chemicals. If you have an interest in biochemistry, you might want to delve deeper into the various extraction techniques and their advantages. However, if you simply desire quality CBD for dogs, a quick check of the certificate of analysis will ensure that the CBD you’re purchasing contains no detectable residual solvents.

Pesticides – Not every company operates in a vertically integrated manner, which means they may source hemp that was grown for different purposes or to varying standards unrelated to pet health. However, testing the final product guarantees that regardless of the hemp source, there are no detectable pesticide residues present. This is particularly crucial in pet products since dogs are more vulnerable to pesticides due to their smaller size compared to humans.

Once you have ensured you possess a high-quality product, you and your pup can embark on an exciting journey. Begin CBD for dogs with a low dosage for your furry friend, considering a range of 1-5 milligrams per 10 pounds of their weight. Overdosing is of little concern, as a high dose may simply make your pup a bit drowsy. However, it’s advisable to start with a low dose and closely monitor the condition you aim to address. With consistent use, dogs can develop a tolerance over time, and adjustments can be made accordingly.








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